Today, there are three reasons for immigration to Australia – professional, family and humanitarian. The latter applies mostly refugees. Like any state, Australia is deeply interested in the inflow of qualified specialists from other countries that do not require additional training and are ready to start work in the shortest possible time.
Candidates to move to Australia in addition to the diploma must have experience in the specialty and is well know the state language. Age of immigrants is defined from 18 to 45 years. In preparation for immigration, should study the Australian labour market, to more clearly define their future specialty.
There are two immigration list for independent and sponsored categories. You should always review them and assess their possible chance. Family immigration aims to reunite with relatives who already have Australian citizenship. It concerns, first of all, parents, children, spouses and brides. In the preparation of documents for entry will need to produce the income certificate of the sponsor in the host country.
In accordance with the programs family-based immigration, you can obtain a temporary visa for marriage, marital, parent visa and child visa. The conditions for obtaining each type of visa specified in Australian legislation. For living in Australia more than four years provided independent immigration program, which gives the possibility of obtaining full permanent visa and the right to unlimited stay in Australia with the prospect of obtaining citizenship. A humanitarian immigration is the most complex because it will have to prove to immigration authorities that the continued presence in the country of origin poses a threat to life and health of the immigrant.