If you have a Bank account connected the Internet Bank and a couple of days time for the money transfer you can send money to Ukraine or another country without leaving home. Usually, for the transfer of non-cash means banks do not charge interest, and such translation may be most beneficial for you, taking time 1-2 days.
If a Bank account there, and time is limited, it is best to use the services of "instant" wire transfers such as Western Union, MoneyGram, Migom, Contact and others. Such transfers are made at the partner Bank within a few minutes, and the money to Ukraine or any other country of the world can receive in less than an hour.
To send money via quick translation, you need to contact one of the partner banks with your passport. You will be asked to give the name and surname of the person to whom the transfer will be made, and specify the country in which the money will be received. The Bank teller will fill in all the necessary documents, then you will bring the money in cash, and in return will receive a payment receipt and a digital code. This code you need to inform the recipient. Putting a numeric code and passport, your relative or friend in another country will be able to get your money.