You will need
  • video recorder, a monitor, a TV tuner or a standalone TV tuner, adapter, cable
Take the monitor (assuming the VCR you already have). If you manage to find the Multisystem model of the monitor with video input, you can connect a VCR to the monitor directly. However, most of the video inputs of monitors support only one standard and the rest are much more expensive.
Purchase a TV tuner and install it on your computer (make it pretty easy). The system thus obtained is not the distance, that is requires turning on the computer. However, not everyone wants to watch a movie to wait for the load on the computer and constantly click the mouse.
If the idea of charge you are not satisfied for any reason, purchase a standalone TV tuner with an RGB output to a monitor (in fact, this is a better way to connect a VCRto a monitorthan a TV tuner). External TV tuner will switch the signal from the VCR, and the control parameters in this case is remotely controlled. An additional device (itself the TV tuner) is quite compact, and doesn't, besides the problems with his purchase, usually does not happen.
Plug the TV tuner. Each TV tuner is instruction which needs to be hooked up to the monitor and VCR. Connecting to the VCRyou have is through the adapter with three "tulips" - yellow (or S-Video), red and white. The adapter is usually sold bundled with a TV tuner.
Purchase the cable. Supplied adapter at both ends has a connector "Tulip", but the VCR SCART requires an appropriate cable, where one side is SCART and the other – "tulips". It is bought separately (make sure that the "tulips" were not inputs and outputs).
Turn the assembled system. Then insert the tape into the VCR and enjoy watching your favorite movie through the monitor!