Advice 1: How to build LEGO

Constructor LEGO is a very educational game that attracts kids is a beautiful and striking design. And Assembly options of one and the same set countless, but because the game never will bother the child.
How to build LEGO
You will need
  • LEGO, Internet, manual
If you just bought the kit, open the box - inside should be a user manual, offering several versions of step-by-step Assembly. Follow the instructions, perhaps the child will need help - some kits is quite complicated.
Search the Internet - there are lots of scanned and drawn instructions. In the search outcome of those items that you have. So, for home required the Windows and doors, and helicopter blades.
Try to unleash the imagination of the child, in this case, the basic rule build his imagination. Buy a box of "Freestyle" design with lots of details that complement any collection.
If you purchased the "LEGO technic", then help your child to learn the functionality of the basic details, and only then on the basis of this knowledge he will be able to improvise. In this type of designer is the motor and other complex parts, which directly depends on the correct Assembly, so treat carefully to instructions and be careful not to lose it.
If you want to locate your lost scheme to a specific designer, and it is nowhere - take advantage of the specialized sites, for example, There is online leave an application on the schema specifying the item number of your set, perhaps someone will respond and publish for you the drawings you need.
Another option: use any search engine and enter in the window "detailed instructions...", where instead of the dot specify the exact name of the set that you want to collect.
Please note that the details of the different designer lines do not fit to each other, if you bought LEGO "the Hollow", then the next set of purchase from the same series. Have cubes of different series of different diameters.

Advice 2 : Three ideas from LEGO for the house

LEGO is loved by the majority of children of the constructor. But when the children grow up, do not rush to throw brightly colored circuits, one can do many useful things for each house. Here are just three ideas!
Three ideas from LEGO for the house

Idea # 1 Stand for a smartphone or tablet.

Of course, much easier to watch movies or read books if smartphone or tablet is on the stand. But it is not necessary to purchase expensive coasters or covers with the possibility to modify them in the stand. If you have a home at least a few LEGO bricks, you can make a convenient stand for gadget is with your hands.

Here is the simplest version of the stand for the smartphone:

Три идеи  из лего для дома

But, of course, do not limit your imagination. It may be worth it to assemble a stand for your smartphone more interesting?

Три идеи  из лего для дома

Idea # 2 Case for your computer.

Bright and unusual case for computer work, if you cover the bricks from the LEGO constuctor standard boring case. Make body mottled or put colored parts of the constructor into a pattern. Make a casing in the form of houses with Windows and balconies. All in your power.

Три идеи  из лего для дома

Idea # 3 LEGO for the aquarium.

This is where the imagination can run wild vengeance. Decorate the aquarium dilapidated castle or an UFO, which crashed at the bottom of your home sea. Collect a story from a favorite cartoon or just a regular stage, which can be seen in the office, on a construction site. Remember the plot of a recently viewed movie and make out of LEGO-men the brightest stage. In General, it is difficult even to list all the possibilities of decor that can make your fish;)

Три идеи  из лего для дома

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