Advice 1: How to make body skin smooth

Every girl dreams of having smooth and silky skin, it's always been considered luxurious and attractive. To achieve this result, we need daily holistic body care. And it is not necessary to visit an expensive SPA-salons, because all you can do at home.
How to make body skin smooth
Let sport into your life. Do morning exercises. Simple physical exercises stimulate blood circulation. And this is the first step to healthy and beautiful skin.
A daily shower. Don't neglect this procedure. Wash children's soap, it cares for the skin without drying it. Suitable for normal to sensitive skin. Terry washcloth not only cleanse the skinbut also gets rid of dead, keratinized. Start with rubbing the toes, then gradually rise above. Try, that water was warm. Warm water relaxes your body and opens the pores of the skin. After a shower don't dry off with a towel, wait until the skin dries itself. This procedure will give the skin to absorb enough moisture. Then do not be amiss to apply body moisturizing cream or baby oil. It will make your skin soft and velvety.
Peeling is an extremely useful procedure. Use different exfoliating peels and scrubs. They remove dead skin cells. However, do not overdo it with cleaning because you can overdry the skin. If you have oily or normal skin, do exfoliate 1-2 times a week. If you have dry skin, once a week is enough.
Try to make a scrub for the body at home. Mix sea salt and olive oil. You can also mix coffee with honey or oil for the body. Thus, you get a completely natural scrub that will make your skin smooth and beautiful. Apply it on the skin, then massage for 3-5 minutes and rinse with water.
Take a relaxing bath by adding various aromatic oils and foam. These baths will help to overcome fatigue after a busy day. Bath salts will also have a beneficial effect on your skin.
Include in your ration healthy food. Eat more vitamins and minerals, give up bad habits. And after a while you will see the result. Only by using comprehensive care, you will get smooth and velvety, and most importantly, healthy skin.

Advice 2 : How to make underarm skin smooth

Currently, it is difficult to find a woman who would not remove hair under the arms. "Vegetation" in this part of the body does not decorate the fair sex. Yes, and for reasons of hygiene, hair, which can remain unpleasant smell of sweat, there is absolutely no need. To make underarm skin is clean and smooth, you can use a variety of ways.
How to make underarm skin smooth
You will need
  • - depilatory cream;
  • - razor;
  • - money on waxing.
To remove the hair from underarms using electro-, photo - and laser hair removal and cream-depilatory or regular shaving device. Choose the method that you think is most attractive.
Electrolysis is carried out in a beauty salon. Its essence is in the direction of effects on desired area of electricity. To get the desired result you have to undergo such procedures. Unfortunately, this method has some contraindications, so you need to consult with the doctor.
Epilation – also salon treatment. Its principle is based on the destruction of the hair follicle special hardware radiation. The method is effective, but not welcomed by all physicians as the armpit has many lymph nodes and there is a danger of the degeneration of tissue into malignant tumors.
With the help of laser hair removal hair follicles in the armpits are removed with the laser beam. It's quick and painless, and the skin is not irritated or inflamed. But this method is not cheap.
Depilatory creams can be used at home. The hair is removed quickly and quietly, but a good result lasts no more than two weeks and, in addition, the compositions of the creams may not be suitable for Allergy sufferers.
The most inexpensive and most common way of getting rid of underarm hair is shaving, though, in order that the skin remains smooth, women are forced to repeat this procedure several times a week. If you choose this method, look for this model shaver with movable head and double or triple blade.
Before you shave armpits, a bit of relax under the shower to moisturize and make softer the skin and hair. It will also contribute to a smoother shave.
Prepare the skin, causing it gel. Try not to use soap because it dries.
After a couple of minutes after applying the shaving begin to act. If you guide the razor in the direction of hair growth, you will be able to avoid irritation, but shaving against "the grain" will make the skin smoother.
After the procedure, apply to the skin soft after shave. Some time do not use deodorants containing alcohol.
Useful advice
Keep the skin under the armpits clean, regularly removing the sweat and the remnants of the deodorant. So after shaving did not appear ingrown hairs from time to time exfoliating with a washcloth and facial scrub.
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