There are several generic ways to clean silver ring. The procedure performed at home, often do not require you to purchase specific cleaning products. But if you want, in most jewelry stores you can buy specialized cleaning liquid: sufficient for a few minutes to load contaminated ring in such a solution, and it will once again be shiny and clean. Moreover, most of these drugs covers the product with a protective layer that prevents the metal from further oxidation.
Traditionally, in the home, silver is cleaned with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol: dipped in a mixture of the product for 20 minutes, and then dry wipe cloth nappy.
Onion ring to bring back the lost Shine will help the baking soda in the palm of his need to pour a teaspoon of powder and add few drops of water, put there as decoration and carefully grind.
You can use more creative ways of cleaning, for example, to use a food foil: pour on it some water, put a teaspoon of salt and soda, and then the product itself. After lying in this solution for half an hour, the ring will be cleaned of plaque.
Very often, for cleansing silver, use tooth powder, which is applied to the product with a brush for cleaning the teeth. Toothpaste can also help, but first it should be mixed with baking soda and ammonia.
Method of cleaning silver depends not only on the degree of contamination of the silver product, but also from its samples. Containing impurities of other base metals products are best cleaned with special tools. If the alloy, for example, contains copper (it is easy to identify by the green color of plaque), you should buy specialised cleaning – a 10% solution of Trilon B, which allows you to remove the green coating. Then it is best to use a cleaning slurry from the ammonia, toothpaste and soda.
Pollution silver rings may be prevented. Common cause of darkening of silver jewelry is high indoor humidity, the proximity of the jewelry to drugs and drugs containing sulfur. Therefore, to store silver is better away from kits and concentrations of household chemicals, as well as to prevent frequent contact of the rings with water and cosmetics. These precautions, of course, can not give full confidence that silver will not darken, but they increase the life of the product and subsequently to facilitate cleaning.