Rights to the property have all registered in the apartment. However, this does not apply to those who for any reason lives on your living space, with check-in at a completely different address. Usually such tenant be unsaved husband or wife of one of your relatives was in the apartment. Opinion "unsaved" when addressing the issue of privatization has not taken into account.
Not eligible for repeat participation in the privatization of those who have already used it once, regardless of the Statute of limitations. If one of your relative has privatized living space in full or in installments, the agreement on the privatization of your apartment it is not required. The fact that he prescribed it, does not matter.
If your apartment is registered its not staying long and not appearing, you can submit an application to the court for discharge data as the tenants lost the right to use the living space. If they had not received security certificate, this option is quite feasible. You can recognize a person and missing, if you do not know the address of his residence. However, the process of discharge of such tenants will take time and is possible only by court order.
If your apartment is home to a man evicted by a court decision, his opinion also can not affect privatization. However, when applying you have to provide a statement from the court's decision.
The most effective means – finding-out of relations with relatives who do not want privatization. Gather them together and in an accessible form explain that the transformation of public housing into private lodgings. Explain that if noconsent you will not only not allow you to register in apartment of the civil or legal husbands, wives, children and other unauthorized people, but will do its utmost to prevent them from staying on your living space. Such a move is legitimate – people that are not registered in the apartment, do not have the right to live in it. In most cases, such a move makes the "protest electorate" to think seriously about the design of the overall housing equity in the property.
The situation is easier if illegal residents already living in your apartment. Notify in case of refusal from privatization, you immediately write a statement to the court about the eviction of the community. Realize your intentions by submitting a statement of claim. Usually a court summons is enough to make the decision on privatization has become a common and positive.