The standard kit Bluetooth kit USB-adapter comes with a CD-ROM with the installation drivers and Bluetooth USB itself, which resembles a USB memory stick.
When you first connect the Bluetooth driver must be installed that adapt the computer to this device. To do this, remove the disc supplied with USB adaptor, and insert it into the drive of your computer. The system will detect the new boot disk and prompts you for permission to install new equipment. Click OK and continue loading the program.
Each step is to download the installation files requires the consent of the administrator of the computer. An experienced user can change the default settings of the program, adapting it to fit your preferences. However, if you are insufficiently qualified in the field adjustment functions of the computer, select automatic driver installation, agreeing with the recommendations. To do this, each next step agree with the choice of the system by clicking the buttons "Next" and OK.
You will have to wait a few minutes before the system will complete the installation of the program. Notification about the successful driver installation will appear on the monitor of your computer. After downloading a new program most of the systems need a reboot. Agree on it. After that, the Bluetooth program will begin its work on the computer.
After the reboot, remove the disk from the drive. Be sure to save it!
Insert the Bluetooth device into the USB port of your computer. The system will automatically detect the new device and will start working with him. Double-click the shortcut of Bluetooth Protocol on your computer, after which the adapter will start searching for devices available for Bluetooth communication. Turn on the Bluetooth visibility on your phone, if you want to connect it with computer.
When the new connection you will need to enter the password, ensuring the safety of work of devices. If your computer or phone is not set to a special code, enter it in the field confirm both gadgets are the same number, such as 1111.
When finished, close the Bluetooth with access to this communication Protocol to provide security. Remove from the computer the Bluetooth USB adapter until the next work session.