Advice 1: How to go to the hosting

Administrative panel hostingand allows users to remotely control their own resources on the Internet. Today there are two types of access hosting: access via a web interface, and with the help of special software known as a FTP Manager.
How to go to the hosting
You will need
  • Computer, Internet access, data access to the host panel, FileZilla.
As soon as you book the service of hosting in any specialized service, you need to pay for it. After the payment is processed, the email address you have designated during registration the user will receive the following letter: the address of the host panel web interface, the address to access the hosting via FTP and the username and password to login.
Open your Internet browser, then, enter in the URL address field of the access panel of the hosting. The page shows a form in which you have to enter your username and password. Once you enter the required information, open the Cabinet hosting control. Here you can download sites and other documents, and to manage them.
For FTP access you need to install on your computer a special software. Among the free FTP managers it is recommended to use FileZilla. It can be downloaded from the official site of the developer, which is located at: After completing the download of the installer, check it with antivirus. If the object is safe for the computer to install the FTP Manager.
A distinctive feature of this application is the point that you don't have to restart the system after installing it. Start the FTP Manager using the appropriate icon on the desktop. Open the program where you can specify the following information. In the Host field, specify the address of the FTP access in the "Username" and "Password" enter the appropriate information. In the Port field you need to specify a value of 21. Press the connection button. After that you will be able to manage the hosting.

Advice 2 : How to run website on your computer

Development and debugging of any Internetsite is a complicated task which requires time and, in fact, access to the site. Not everyone can afford to hire a hosting and domain name for the experiments on the creation of the Internet resource. But there is a special program that will help you to run website on your computer.
How to run website on your computer
Download Denwer. To do this, open any browser, go to the project page at On the main page of the site includes a link to a constantly updated the software distribution kit. It includes all the necessary components for developing web sites and applications. The basic set includes the Apache server, support for MySQL to work with databases. As well as PHP, which is required for the installation and operation of many systems for content management of the website.
You can easily expand the capabilities of the standard set. To do this, download and install the applicable module from the website of the developer. The entire project is free and very functional.
Run the downloaded package Denwer. This can be done via the context menu right click or simply double click on the file. You will see a console window and setup message from the master installation program. Select the drive and folder for the program, and specify whether to create shortcuts on the desktop. It is best to agree with the parameters offered by default.
When the installation program prompts you to create a virtual disk for the server. Agree with this suggestion and assign any unused Latin letter for "extra" disk. In fact, this virtual disk will be limited by the size of the partition on which you have installed Denwer. You have on the desktop will be three label: Run Denwer, Stop and Restart. They need to start, stop and restart the web server. Please note that the installation should take place with account with full rights, that is "computer Administrator".
Start the virtual web server Denwer. Click on the Run icon Denwer and wait for the black-and-white system console window will report a successful start of all services. After check that you have successfully installed the web server and its components. Open any browser and type in address bar or localhost. In both cases you will see the welcome page from the developers and reference information for the use of this set of programs.
Copy the entire folder of your website installation directory Denwer, in the /home directory. For example, the installation path of Denver is: C:Webservers. Open this folder and locate the directory home, which should be your website. Must be complied with proper directory structure, otherwise you will not be able to activate the website on your computer. If done correctly, you can proceed to the last action.
Type in the browser address bar the name of your site, under the name of the folder in the home directory. If you created only one page, fully specify a name "site" and the page name.
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