Mash well and heat all the muscles. There is nothing special here, just tilt the body left and right, up and down, make circular movements of body, wave your hands and rotational movements of the brush, heat, elbow and shoulder joints, you can jump rope.
Stand up and lean back against the wall, put your hands together in front of him and severely strain the chest muscles, apply pressure on the palm of your hand with enough force that you can feel how tense your chest muscles. Keep your chest and arms in constant tension, and every ten seconds a little remove the palm from the case, continue to perform the exercise until the full straightening of hands, constantly concentrating on the muscle tension of the chest. Repeat the exercise 2 times.
Stand in a doorway, put your hands in the door jamb as hard as you can and start to push forward, keep the pressure for about a minute, then slightly lean forward and again push a minute. All the time, try to keep your back straight or slightly arched forward.
Stand up straight, pick up some books or filled water bottles from the hips, slowly raise the straight and outstretched arms to the level of the chin, at the top hold hands for a couple seconds and slowly lower them. Do 6-8 lifts his hands, with a pause repeat the exercise three times.
Take position on the floor for push UPS and perform them as much as you can. Legs-try not very well put, the body keep straight, elbows during push UPS, pressing to the body, and try to keep perpendicular. Ideally, you need to do 20-25 push UPS in total in several approaches until you are able to do so much in a row at a time.
Lie with your back on the floor, grab the dumbbells and move them to the side. Now flowing movements connect the outstretched arms before him, and again dilute to touch the floor. Repeat the exercise three times, each time adhering to 8-10 lifts his hands.
Do the stretching after all exercises so that the muscles relaxed and the body calm. Can just stand for 1-2 minutes with dumbbells in the lowered hands, you can stretch your hands into the wall, leaning her body at an angle, and without much pressure just to hold your own body weight for some time, the maximum taking the elbows back.