Defrost the fish. The best option – put it in the evening from the freezer into the refrigerator. The next morning the pink will be ready for cutting. It is acceptable to leave the fish for a few hours at room temperature. On top of it will melt, and inside will be frozen. Pink salmon is not completely thawed to cut much easier.
Clean the skin of the fish from the scales. To do this, take the salmon by the tail and ordinary or a special knife make impetuous movement towards the head. Scales will be removed without any effort.
After cleaned, rinse well with fish. Definitely in the running water. If salmon neotrogena, then carefully remove all the innards. To do this, cut the abdomen from the base of the head to the tail. Then remove the insides with caviar or milk, the blood clots in the abdomen, which is located along the spine. This blood may taste bitter in the dish. Attention! Don't damage the gall bladder. In that case, if the trouble occurred, the contents of the gall bladder were on the meat, then lightly scrape off the gall with a knife and very carefully wash with.
Proceed to remove the gills. This is a significant detail, since gills add an unpleasant taste to the broth. Cut them with kitchen scissors or tear with your hands, injury doesn't happen, because they are relatively soft. It is also recommended to remove the eye. After surgery, gills and eyes, wash again pink.
Cut out the fins.
Salmon is easily cut into fillets. Incise the skin around the head, then carry an incision along the back. Holding one hand behind his head, with the other hand remove the meat part. She immediately separated from the bone, repeat the manipulation with the second half. Now with a sharp knife cut the fillet from the skin.
Your salmon is ready for cooking, according to the chosen recipe.