You will need
  • Worms,
  • - utensils for storage of the worms (wooden box),
  • - moss or earth.
The most popular fishing and shelf-stable, of course, are earthworms. While preparing it is necessary to distinguish worm living in sandy soil, or worm, who was born in the clay. Different earthworms that find them easier – they love shade, they can often be found under a layer of last years leaves or roots of nettle. It is not necessary to dig out the nozzle every time from the same place.
Dug out and nalovlennyh worms are easy to keep for a long time. They should be kept in wooden boxes fitted with lids, and have no cracks. Also need to collect a supply of moss.
Putting into the box a sufficient number of layers of moss can run there worms. Moss slightly moistened with unsalted broth or milk with honey. Dead and diseased worms are released, the moss changed once a week. "Sick" nozzle is easy to identify – it loses the capacity for normal movement and top-knot she would swell up and she stretched. Not to be confused with worms of different kinds in one jar. Manure worms secrete a fluid, which is fatal for the ordinary vegetable garden. Garden, in turn, decompose, kill all the others.
Boxes with moss and worms should be stored in a cool humid place. Instead of moss you can use a soft ground with rotting leaves and the remains of plants. Also worms can be fed with food leftovers.A good place for storage can be vented boxes of foam. You should never use as storage tins. The worms live in them for long, and they can quickly rust.