Advice 1: Assistant for flowers and garden. Earthworm

Some of them cause unpleasant feelings. After the rain on the road, you can see creatures like pasta. We are talking about earthworms. Many do not like them, but they bring huge profits to our gardens, vegetable gardens and even indoor plants.
Assistant for flowers and garden. Earthworm

Why do we need earthworms?

The earthworm, while in a flower pot, can improve the composition of the earth. 24 hours, the worm modifies about 6 grams of soil. That's how much it weighs. The worm can increase the content of nutrients such as magnesium, phosphoric acid, calcium. This improves plant growth, flowering and fruiting. Worms do in the ground moves, which in turn enriches the earth with oxygen. It was noticed that in pots with earthworms there are no plant pests.

A worm in a flower pot

2 kilos of soil in the pot helpful to have a warm worm. On the top layer of the earth it is useful to put the dry leaves. Worms will take these papers into the earth and thereby fertilized. In the destruction of harmful insects by chemicals is likely to destroy and assistant florist, earthworm. Therefore, when spraying is necessary to cover the ground some material.

How to invite worms to your garden?

Once the worms only use, then you need to create for them favorable conditions in your garden. You can do this:

1. Leaving the land without human intrusion. It is not necessary to pull weeds or to dig the soil. The worms will be able to accommodate the roots of the weeds.

2. Using the mulch for their gardens. For this fit, grass, sawdust, hay. Mulch protects the earth from overheating, erosion and retains moisture. All this creates a pleasant environment for the underground gardeners. The lower humus layer of mulch, nutritious food for worms.

3. Homeland is not the land very deeply. Deep digging destroys worms created moves and stabs the worms themselves.

4. Abandoning chemical fertilizers. They kill the worms ourselves and plants. Worms are able to create organic fertilizer, vermicompost. Due to this the fertility of the soil increases, fertilizer will not be needed.

5. Without making the land manure. It has a large amount of ammonia. Careful with the manure you need to show more because of the presence of helminth eggs. It is certainly unnecessary.

Inviting earthworms in the garden can be a huge help in the cultivation of the earth.

Advice 2 : How to build a dung worm

Shitworm extremely popular with anglers and where can I get it at the right time, think many. In summer, problems usually arise if near the house or Villa is suitable midden. There may be discovered a small reddish-yellow worms. They can be solid, may have ringed in color. They do not smell particularly pleasant, but when pushed to the hook release yellowish liquid.
Worms for fishing can be grown in the country
You will need
  • Pitchfork
  • Container
  • Pieces of turf
  • Wooden box
  • The remains of food to feed
Find perepelova pile of manure. It can even be a compost pile at your cottage. If there is no nearby – stroll to the dump. Grab a fork and dig a lot.
Collect the worms and place them in the container. Together with them, put a small pile of manure. Without manure the worms will crawl. The container must be covered because worms do not like direct sunlight. It is best to cover with pieces of turf, placing it on grass outside.
Take a wooden box. Route it with soil taken from the place where you brought the worms. Add a bit of manure. Put the worms and place the box in the shade. Feed the worms a bran broth, you can give curd. The quality of the products in this case does not matter, worms are great to eat expired products. Occasionally watering the soil.
In order for manure worms had survived the winter, take a sturdy wooden box, add to the ordinary garden soil, add compost, manure or fallen leaves in a ratio of 1 part manure or compost into 4 parts of the earth. Settled in the box just dug up worms. Those who crawl into, and leave it alone. Sick worms stay outside, they must be collected and disposed of. A box of worms put in the cellar or other dark cool place.
Feed the worms twice a week, broth, grated potato, spicami tea. Once a week water the ground. In this state, worms can live all winter and successfully reproduce If conditions are unfavorable, worms slipping into a ball and die.
On the dung-worm, perch and carp.

To dig manure worms it is not recommended to use a shovel because it can be cut.

The box can be replaced with a small barrel. The main thing – a place where it can be supplied. Keep manure worms in the apartment is unlikely to accept your home, but you can find them in the country, if there is an appropriate room.
Useful advice
Before fishing, take a bucket of sand, pour it a Cup of vegetable oil and release the worms. Sand with oil remove the unpleasant smell.

Don't keep the worms for a long time in the open air, they die.

Before fishing, when you put the worms in a jar, put a bit of weak tea infuser or a little grated beetroot. .
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