You will need
  • Computer, DVD, program Ahead Nero, Internet access
In order to erase information from a DVD-RW disks, you must have a drive that supports recording information on the discand (DVD+/-RW). Also for the removal of information from the disks will need a special program. Today, the most convenient, clear and functional program is Ahead Nero. Download this app and install it on your computer.
After installing Ahead Nero restart your computer and run the application. Then in the top window you need to select the format of the disks, with which it will work. To do this, click on the arrow in the top window. Select the CD/DVD. In this case, you do not have to switch between different formats the discs.
Now carefully read the program's interface. Available only six main parameters. But, clicking on one of them, a window opens with additional commands. Select "Advanced" (at the extreme right side). There will be additional parameters for this command. Now insert in your optical drive DVD-RW driveyou want to clear. Wait for disk spin up. If you load the startup diskand close it.
Now select the "Clean DVD". A window will appear warning that this process will erase all data on DVD-RW driveE. Click OK and then begin the process of cleaning the disc. Do not remove it from the optical drive before the wipe operation is completed, as this may cause failure of the DVD driveand in the future to the inability to write to him.
Upon completion of the cleaning process you will be informed about it in the program window. Now DVD-drive completely cleared, and it is again possible to write and delete information, and you can do it repeatedly.