The easiest and most common way of earning on the websitewell suited both to novice website Creator or an experienced webmaster, is contextual advertising. The principle of its operation is very simple: in the pages of the website are special ad units with link to the advertiser's resource. Income comes from clicking on them visitors, the payment is assigned for each click separately. Accordingly, the more clicks to the advertiser's site, the higher the earnings of the webmaster.
By far the most popular and serious systems of contextual advertising services are the two most powerful search engines Yandex.Direct and Google AdSense. The principle is the same: the website is added by the webmaster to the system, after checking the moderators, and to obtain their approval for a set of advertising units and ads similar in content to the content of the site. Themes for advertisement are selected automatically.
To install on your site contextual advertising is very simple. To work with Yandex.Direct go to the website of that service in the partner section at the access panel for the web master.
For Google AdSense you need to go to registration section of the ad network (, register and follow the instructions of the system. After verification and approval of the site it will be possible to place an ad unit on your pages in the most convenient location. If there are any difficulties in the installation process or work, you can examine the official blog of Google AdSense or write mail to support.
The second most common variant of earnings on your site for beginners is a teaser advertisement. Teaser network provide their clients with a special banner ad for placement on their sites. The payment is either individual clicks on banners, or for their shows. Price for impressions and clicks on these networks, as a rule, quite low, but with a large traffic this kind of earnings can be very effective. Today on the Internet there are a number of teaser networks that link advertisers and web-masters:,,, adTeaser and others. Which one to choose, you will have to solve it yourself webmaster. But it is important to remember that it is not advisable to overload your site with excessive advertising. This deters visitors and negatively perceived by search engines.