Determine what size pot you need. Depending on the size of the clay pots are divided into odnoportsionnuyu (with a capacity of 0.15-0.75 liters) and mnogoportsionnyh (with a capacity from 1 to 30 liters).
The main sign of quality clay pots is a mechanical and thermal strength. It depends on the roasting. A well-fired pot emits a pure and ringing sound, has the correct form.
Pay attention to the thickness of the walls and bottom. It should be the same in all parts of the pot. If the thickness of the crock uneven heating can cause crack.
Carefully inspect the entire pot. Inside and outside should be free of cracks, scratches, swollen areas, chipping.
Earthenware should have a smooth layer of frosting that can be colored or colorless. The glaze protects the porous ceramic body from the penetration of fats, liquids, gases. It makes the dishes shiny, water resistant, easy to washing.
Buying a pot for making soups, choose the one with the narrow neck. In this case, reducing the surface evaporation of the liquid.