You will need
    • 500 g of cottage cheese
    • 200 g flour
    • 50 g of sour cream
    • 50 g raisins
    • 2 eggs
    • 3 tbsp. sugar
    • ½ Tsp soda
    • ½ Tsp citric acid
    • a pinch of salt
    • vegetable oil for frying
Raisins pour hot water and leave for 15-20 minutes. It is better to take raisins of good quality. If the raisins are fresh enough, then there is no need to soak, just rinse it with hot water.
Cheese two times wipe through a sieve. The more fat you'll take the cheese, the juicier and tastier it will cheesecakes. If the curd is too moist, it should be overcome by placing in cheesecloth and hung for 1-2 hours.
Lightly whisk the eggs. You can take only the yolks, it will only give the pancakes great pomp, will improve their color and taste.
Sift the flour through a sieve and divide into 2 equal parts. One of the parts, leave the batter cheesecakes. The flour must be sifted not only to get rid of possible lumps, but in order to saturate it with oxygen. Screened oxygen-Laden flour which is lush and airy.
Add the cheese the second part of the flour, sour cream, raisins, sugar, salt, soda and citric acid. Soda and citric acid – the most versatile of any baking powder of the test. Citric acid you can easily replace it with an equal amount of fresh lemon juice, or 9% vinegar. As well as instead of these ingredients you can use baking powder.
Mix all the ingredients and knead the dough until smooth elastic consistency. Leave the dough, covered with a towel or plastic wrap, for 30-40 minutes for proofing.
Use a roasting pan with a thick bottom. Before roasting is well calcined and oil pan. You can take a cast iron skillet. Oil add quite a lot, but not as much as for deep frying.
Divide the dough into the number of cheesecakes. Form into small meatballs and bread in flour. This will allow you to form a beautiful crust, leaving the cheesecakes juicy on the inside, and will not let the cakes to stick to the bottom of the pan.
Fry the cheese cakes on both sides in medium heat until nice Golden color. Turning the shovel ware on the other side, you can cover the pan with a lid and then cheesecakes for a few minutes.
Ready pancakes serve hot with milk, sour cream and jam.