Advice 1: How to translate the dollar to the ruble

The dollar is the monetary unit of the United States, Canada, Australia and many other countries. Stay on the American dollar (USD). The dollar / ruble exchange rate changes every day. It is necessary to focus on the stock of Bank of Russia.
How to translate the dollar to the ruble
Today 1 us dollar (USD) = 29,2859 rubles.

Suppose you need to transfer $ 15 in rubles.

Of course, it is more convenient to use a calculator.

15 multiplied by 29,2859 received 439,2885, i.e., mathematically it looks like: 15 * 29,2859 = 439,2885 (rubles).
Useful advice
The dollar against the ruble, maybe cheaper, maybe more expensive, therefore, not to be big losses in the money - follow the rate of exchange.

Advice 2 : How to translate currency

There is often a need to know the value of the exchange rate of one currency relative to another. In principle, the transfer of currency from one to another is not difficult, but to take a piece of paper and a pen and calculator in our rapid digital age is not always acceptable and comfortable. There are faster ways to transfer currency.
How to translate currency
You will need
  • Internet access, currency Converter
What does it mean to convert one currency to another? This means that you need to find the number of units of one currencycontained in the currency of another. Suppose that the exchange rate of the ruble to the us dollar is 30 R. What does it mean? This means that one dollar "fits" 30 Russian rubles.
Today on the Internet there are quite a handy currency Converter designed for finding the rate of one currency relative to another. To list all possible such services do not make sense. One of the most convenient interpreters currencies you can find on Google, set up the appropriate app on the homepage.
Select from the drop-down list Converter currency, which you want to Express in units of the second currency. In the list you can find a few dozen of the most common world currencies. Then from the bottom drop-down list, select the second currency. In the window on the left specify the number of units that you want to learn (translate). Click "Translate".
Suppose you want to know the current market correlation of the us dollar to the Russian ruble. Following the steps above, you will get the result: 1 USD = RUB 27,404. This means that at the moment one dollar 27,404 ruble. Clicking “invert”, you get the reverse ratio: 1 RUB = 0,0365 USD.
There is one more exotic method that allows not only accurately identify the market ratio of the most popular currencies, but also to monitor the dynamics of changes in exchange rate values in time during the day. It can be done, for example, using the trading terminal used in Forex trading in the interbank FOREX market.
To do this you have to install terminal on your computer. One of the most easy to use terminal – MetaTrader. Having it on your computer, you can real-time learn the courses most popular currencies quoted on the interbank market. To do this, in the terminal there is a special window. Keep in mind that the values Kusov may differ materially from the values that you will see in Bank exchange offices.
As you can see, modern Internet technologies are able to help in this difficult matter, as the translation of hard-earned rubles into the desired currency.
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