You will need
  • - automotive Navigator;
  • - set of cables;
  • - screwdriver.
Buy Navigator, the most suitable dimensions. It depends on where you plan to install it. If directly in the panel, then measure the exact parameters and make Navigator exactly the desired size. If you are going to mount the device on the panel, then size, in principle, irrelevant. In this case, buy any that suits you in price and quality.
Unscrew and remove the panels all the parts that you need to replace. Usually, each machine has a place for the GPS above the radio or under it. Can set the device and instead.
Connect to the Navigator several video inputs to be connected and the radio, and a rear view camera which will be triggered automatically when the reverse gear. Connect the USB extension cable to the device, you can connect any media. Make a separate button to turn the monitor on the radio. And the home button Express for inclusion of Navigator.
Buy wire with fuse to 2A, if not, solder it yourself. This is necessary in order to connect the Navigator to the cigarette lighter power, but it does not occupy the connector.
Fix Navigator panel of your car. To do this, connect the metal frame of the fixture from the frame. Then screw the base frame to this fixture. Her contour stick double-sided tape, it will be the best option for reliable fastening of the Navigator frame. Then attach the last strap, she caught up with the main part of the snap.