You will need
  • Computer program for Handy Backup, Internet access
First determine which files require backup. It makes sense to create a backup copy of the entire hard disk there. First, it requires a lot of hard disk. Secondly, most of the programs or files can be recorded again. Of course, if you want to create a backup copy of all the information. In such cases, storage of backup information, use a portable USB hard drive.
For backup it is better to use a special program, for example, Handy Backup. Download it from the Internet and install it on your computer. Connect to the computer medium, which will be the backup.
Open the program. Carefully read the menu. It is very convenient and easy to use. Using the program menu, select files that require backup. As a method of creating a copy, choose "Full copy". The program will create a completely identical copy of the selected file with all parameters of their work.
Note the line "Scheduler". With it can choose to automatically copy files from any folder after a certain period of time. Such feature is useful for those who often works with text files, spreadsheets. The scheduler will send the backup files to the media.
For the most important files as a method of creating a backup select "Create mirror copies". It is the most reliable and failsafe backup method.
If necessary, you can do a backup compression to save space on the media. Can also create copies of email stored on your computer. If necessary, in the program menu you can select the encryption on the backup data.