You will need
  • - Partition Manager;
  • - DVD-диск.
To get started, create image of your operating systemusing the standard tools of Windows. Open the start menu and navigate to control panel. Select "System and security" and open it. To navigate to "Backup and restore".
Look in the left column of the paragraph "Creating the imageand system" and click on it. On the screen of theimagebecomes a window where you should specify the location to store the image. It can be an area on the hard disk, a DVD or another computer connected to the local network.
Select one of the options and click "Next". On the screen of theimagebecomes a window that contains a list of disks that should be archived. To start this process click "Archive".
To successfully recover your computer in case of failure of the operating system you must create a special disk. Click "Backup and restore". Select "Create recovery drive system". Insert a blank DVD in the drive and click Create disk.
Now try to create the image of the system using the program Partition Magic. Install it on your computer and run it.
Select mode advanced user. Click "Wizard" located in the main navigation bar. Select back up disk or partition".
Click "Next". Select the hard disk partition on which operating system is installed. Click "Next".
Choose a location for a future imagea system. It is recommended to specify either of the hard disks that are currently active, or DVDs. Click "Next".
Select the disk partition or DVD media that you're saved image of the system. Click "Next". Enter comments for this image. Press twice the "Next" button, and then click Finish. To start the backup process click the "Apply pending changes", located under the main navigation menu.