You will need
  • - screws
  • Board or plywood
  • - drill
  • - thin drill bit
  • - lacquer for wood
Fabricate the frame. To do this, take the Board width 100 – 150 mm and thickness 25 – 30 mm, smooth them astrogate and Polish, removing all splinters and burrs. Bring down from the boards frame size 200 x 80 cm
Attach the legs to the frame with a height of about 30 cm Base make them broad enough to be pressed into the ground.
Inside the main install U-shaped the frame from the headboard. Its width should be equal to the inner stem size and length to be 80 see This item will function as a backrest of the chaise longue with adjustable inclination.
To adjust the inclination of the back to set the bar capable of moving in the slots of the main frame. To ensure sufficient adjustment range to set the 3 – 4 groove. If the bar to drop at all, the lounger will become horizontal and will be able to serve the orthopedic grating for the bed or couch.
On the fixed and movable part of the lounger with the help of arsenic nails or screws, attach the pre-a pared and polished fence. What will these elements, the fine will look lounger.
Because the mount is close to the edge of the fence drill or the hole with a thin drill. Thus, the nail will go inside the fence, not splitting it.
If necessary, we can replace the fence with plywood 8 – 10 mm will Natuerliche holes in the sheet of plywood in places of fastening or cut the plywood strips. The last option will make the lounger more comfortable and elastic.
After the Assembly plate lounger, paint or varnish. It is also possible to assemble from parts, separately covered with a protective layer in advance. Since the operation of the sunbed is made, as a rule, in the open air, ensure the wood is reliable protection from rain, covering it with three layers of lacquer or paint.