Children's scooter no surprise, but scooters are for adults only just gaining popularity. Prices on some models on the market reach $ 600 and above, which is comparable to a good walking bike. But if you want to ride comfortably, and stay within a reasonable budget — will have to spend time reading reviews and opinions online for all your models.

To begin, decide where, how and how often you will use your two-wheeled friend. For traveling long distances soundboard scooter needs to be large enough to fit both of Your feet and not hanging down. It is often necessary that the scooter was foldable, and very cool if it comes with a case.

Please note how much weight can withstand the frame on the passport. Usually in this feature lay a little strength, but should not take some of the edge values. In the end, you don't know, suddenly one day You decide to ride it with someone together.

It is very important that the frame was designed for your growth! When You are standing exactly on the scooter, slightly bent at the elbow and hands should be not much below Your waist.

Large pneumatic wheels to absorb You on poor-quality roads. There are also scooters with high ground clearance, and shock absorbers. Not a scary ride even on forest trails. But if You firmly believe that you will ride exclusively on a perfect surface — you can not think about this point.

Good scooter has a long coasting through installed in it high-quality bearings. Check Assembly and no backlash. Twist in the hands of several samples of the same model.

Consider different models! You may be interested in cyborg — a cross between a skateboard and scooter, three-wheel design that allows you to control the Board with the joystick.

If You don't want to spend any effort, then you can buy an electric skateboard. He speeds up to 30 km/h and operates from a rechargeable battery. Other than promoting laziness, its only drawback is the high price.

Regardless of which scooter You choose, it will significantly increase Your mobility and help you get from new sensations and more fun.