Find out the causes of the awakened interest of the former wife to your (your, not her!) husband.The fact that it is often women who had lost at the time, the interest in their husbands decided to divorce them, sometimes start to have feelings for them after they realized that their former faithful interested in other women. And if the ex-wife sees that her place was a gorgeous woman, it can provoke feelings of ownership and attempts to return the old relationship. Another case is when the woman due to the thrown by her husband, strives to improve the dignity, and provokes him to start with her from the beginning, leaving a new wife, that is you. This is a common desire to show off in front of fans or friends, because the man is not lost to the former the woman of interest, drop everything and run to her on her first call.
Acknowledge the feelings for your husband.Certainly, marrying a particular man, you were sure that he loved with all his heart and will not leave you for the sake of the former wife. You some time met with him before marriage and had time to study his character and habits. You are happy to care for it and appreciate it for what it is. If you are sure that you love him and don't want to lose and feel in response to the mutual strong feelings, then you need to be patient and gradual "neutralize" ex-wife.
Combine your husband efforts.The first step is to speak frankly with your husband and explain to him why you are not satisfied with his communication with his ex-wife. If a man cherishes you, he will understand everything and will do everything possible to protect you from unnecessary worries. Since that time you have become one and together "fight" with the former spouse. For example, if she constantly asks for help from your husband, he can calmly to explain to her that it is not able every time you run headlong to her aid. Do not dismiss her requests, just do them together. Every time you will show your ex wife that your feelings are so strong that you all care divide in half. Gradually the former requests for assistance will come to "no." Ask your husband to take you with me to all appointments that the woman assigns him. In person, be friendly to her, let her know you wish her personal happiness, which you, by the way, it will be easier to breathe.
Do not limit communication of the husband with his children.As you know, "former children do not happen. If your pet spends a lot of time with children, respectively, and with their mother, do not reproach him. Just need to get him the kids so he was outside the home of a former spouse. For example, you can buy him and the kids tickets to the swimming pool, regularly arrange excursions, picnics, trips to the cinema and theatre and much more. Of course, the whole organizational activity will fall on your shoulders, but this way you will be able to establish warm relationships with children her husband, who will see that you care about.Save your family happiness!