Gas stove

The main advantage of gas stoves is the low price. The budget cost of the plate will be lower than the budget of the hob.

Gas stove easy to install. If you buy a new stove to replace the old one, you need to remove the old device and install in its place a new one.

All connecting is to connect the gas hose and enabling the electric plug into the socket. Of course, the connection must be performed by the employee of gas service.

If you do not like the gas oven, you can purchase a gas stove with electric oven. These boards are more expensive than traditional, but the higher price is justified by the increased functionality.

The main disadvantage of gas stoves is its bulkiness. It requires a lot of space. The possibility of installation is limited by the place of passage of the gas pipe.

Gas stove visually not good in the kitchen, dividing it into two parts. Even if the cooker is mounted flush to the cabinets still remain gaps. Gets them water, dust and particles. The resulting mud is very difficult to clean.

Cooking surface

Compactness and installation flexibility are the main advantages of the hob. Cooktop can be installed almost anywhere on the countertop of the kitchen set.

If you do not use the oven, setting the hob will free you of a large amount of space. It can be used under a variety of boxes or install the dishwasher.

The cooking surface is very organically fits into the countertop, making it together. This greatly facilitates cleaning, as the cracks and gaps are absent. In addition, it is just beautiful.

Embedded the oven it is not necessary to install under a hob, turning the set into a semblance of a traditional plate. Oven can be installed in any convenient location, including on the Breasts. This greatly facilitates the use of it.

Cooking gas panel may have a glass surface. For it is much easier to look after than stainless steel or enamel.

Have cooking surfaces and disadvantages. For example, if you decided to change the old plate for built-in appliances, you will not be able to use your old headsets. Such equipment is installed in special cabinets.

Need to make old headsets or order a new one. Keep in mind that furniture for built-in appliances need to provide ventilation and heat dissipation.

If you decide to purchase a gas hob and gas oven, this will complicate the installation process. Since these devices work independently from each other, each of them needs a separate gas hose.

This will require work on the sidebar for more of the crane. Such work can only be performed for gas service. They need to further coordinate and obtain permission. It should be remembered that the installation of tees and home-made splitters is strictly prohibited!