You will need
  • The Rubik's Cube.
First of all, determine face color, which is the top and take the cube in his hands so that the Central cube, the top plane was the right color.
The next step is to collect a cross on the top face so that the second color of each of the middle blocks correspond to the color of the Central cubes of the side faces.
In the third stage correctly exposed corner cubes top face. The next stage is to put a second layer of cube Rubik. It is necessary to remember that before you begin to assemble the last layer, you must return to the place all the cubes of the first and second layers that have been moved in the Assembly process.
The most difficult is the Assembly of the last layer, which is in this case lower. Better to start with installing in its place the corner cubes so that all three of their colors will match the colors of the Central cubes in contact with them faces.
And finally, check the middle blocks lower faces and swap them if necessary.