You will need
  • The Rubik's Cube.
Let each side of your letter. F — front side, bottom side, top side, P — right side, B — back, L — left side.
Denote rotation of the cube faces : clockwise a quarter turn (90 deg.) — F, N, B, P, Z, L, counter-clockwise a quarter turn (90 deg.) — F1, H1, B1, L1, P1, L1, rotating half-turn in either direction (180 deg.) — F2, N2, B2, P2, M2, L2.
Choose the color of the top face of the cube. It needs to remain at the top throughout the build procedures.
Collecting the cross of the color that was chosen as the basis. Follow the procedure spins P1,C, P, B1 — if the piece is in the first layer and deployed correctly, only is not in place or follow a different algorithm spins A1, B1, F1, — if a piece is in the first layer, but is deployed incorrectly and should be moved to another location.
Running the algorithm spins B2, F1, B2 if a piece is in the second layer or the mirror image of b, P, B1 if the item is in the second layer, but the adjacent faces of the cube.
Make rotation N2, Z2 if the piece is in the third layer of the lower plane or one of the variants of rotations N1, F1, P, f, or P, V, F1,W1 if the option is in the third layer and deployed correctly.
Rotate the top face of the cube until you match the two colors of the side faces and side centers, then take one of the algorithms of rotation. This is P, B, P1, B1,P if you need to swap two adjacent element crossa or A2, L2, N2, P2, L2 if you need to swap two opposite element of the cross.