Select a color for the top plane and take the puzzle to a cubein the center of the upper plane was the selected color.
Collect on the upper side a cross of a selected color. The Central cubeand the side faces must be the same color with the collected cross.
Next, assemble the corner cubeand located in the upper plane. To begin, select the angle from which you will start building. Look on the puzzle cube, which will get to your chosen angle and place it in the bottom of the plane directly at a selected angle.
Turning the bottom and any side, place your chosen cube on the top face. If you can not correctly place the cube, do the same procedure, after turning one of the faces is 90° or 180°.
In the same way the rest position of the corner cubeand the top face. If done correctly, the top face should be fully assembled.
Collect the middle layer, correctly placing it the middle cubeI. If the build process any of the already collected the cubes top or middle layer moved, be sure to return them to their seats before you begin to gather lower level. At this stage of Assembly is fully assembled upper and middle face.
To assemble the bottom layer, place the remaining corner of the cubeand in their place. At this stage we do not care whether the colors of the corner cubes with the colors of adjacent planes is the main thing that all four corner cubeand were in their seats.
When all four corner of the cubeand the bottom plane are in place, compare their colors with the colors of all three faces to which they adhere. Now only correctly place four medium cubeand the bottom of the plane.