Analyze your Union on such items:
How well do you know the person? To respond in detail, complete the questionnaire offered online. If you know your partner well enough to understand what is love and what your man questions about his tastes, characteristics, goals, interests, and favorite foods will not make you time to think.
When you decide that this is not just a passing passion and admiration for the inner content of personality and sincere interest in the person begin give it as much time. Check out how your partner behaves in different situations and make sure that you do not love. Simple love is easy after the first situations in which you find that your loved an ordinary man, nothing extraordinary and perfect it. He may be sick, while having not the most charming kind, and angry.
Find the common ground. Select the items on which you are the same – habits, goals, attitudes. Later in life you just need to rely on something in common that will unite you in difficult moments. If you find that Outlook and direction looks quite the opposite experiment, of course, possible, but better not to waste time.
Check the main features of a loved one with your ideal. The girls are already in the 12-13 years formed in the mind the image of a man whom she will love with all my heart and will follow him anywhere. Guys, rather, by the age of 19 formed this ideal. Beware! It is necessary to distinguish passion for someone and the action of hormones in the young organism that requires romance the feeling that this man is your destiny.
The sexual aspect of the relationship is 50% of the harmony in the development of the pair. But psychologists believe that true love is a communion of souls. Weigh both options – if some of them you will have problems, then they will be much worse. And the most important thing, after all, be able to negotiate. If you have a well-established dialogue is the path to a successful Union.
Your significant other, of course, is somewhere in the world, so we are made, male and female harmonious whole. And don't be afraid of loneliness, if you have decided that man is not your happiness, take action and keep looking and your heart is in Alliance with the intelligence to help you make the right choice.