You will need
  • glue for linoleum
  • construction knife
First of all, carefully measure the room in which to lay linoleum. A more accurate measurement produce it in several places of the room. Additionally, you must consider overlaps in the niches of the doors and niches under the battery. Since linoleum is sold in wide sizes in increments of 50 centimeters, round the resulting sizes to the nearest 50 centimetres in a big way. In length so it is better to make the overlap of 20-30 centimetres - this will save you from mistakes. Better when you purchase to purchase linoleum in one piece, so it will be easier to put on and fasten. If work is performed in the cold season, spread the linoleum and allow it to straighten up for several hours.
After that, prepare the room in which you are going to lay linoleum. From the room you need to move all the furniture out, and if this is not possible, at least, bulky items (wardrobes, sofas, beds). Prepare the floor – remove the old flooring, level the floor. Concrete floors are leveled with the screed, and wood can ottsiklevat, or to cover sexual plywood with a thickness of about 10 millimeters. You can now start laying.
Put linoleum so that the overlaps on the walls were on all sides of approximately equal and sufficient to cover doorways and other niches. Next, using a steel ruler and a construction knife cut off the excess from the linoleum. Be careful - at this stage can permanently ruin the material! Leave gaps from the walls with a width of 2-3 cm, because of the time or on the temperature difference linoleum tends to expand and in the absence of gap waves can go.
If the chunk size is very large - more than 25-30 square feet, or if the coating consists of several pieces, it is desirable to consolidate with a special adhesive. The adhesive is applied to the coated surface before laying linoleum. Let it freeze, in accordance with the instructions for use of glue.