You will need
  • socket with earthing, 16 Amps
  • -wiring with a cross section of 1.5 mm
  • -tap on three quarters of an inch
  • tape FUM
  • -adjustable double or tee on the water
  • -adjustable tee for a drain or siphon with an drainage
  • level
On each machine there is a guarantee that if an incorrect installation and connection removed. So if you are not sure that everyone will be able to do in accordance with the rules of installation, invite the experts. For a modest fee you will carry out all installation work with a guarantee of quality. If you have ever hooked up yourself washing machine, and connecting a built-in dishwasher is easy to handle. Because the principle is exactly the same.
Set the machine to the intended niche. Align legs, leveling guide for level and secure feet with lock nuts.
Install the socket with grounding from this distance that the cable from the car easily got up to her. The receptacle must be 16 Amps.
Swipe in from the electrical panel wiring to individual sockets. The cross section of the wiring shall be of 1.5 mm and above.
Produce a insert in a water pipe and install a valve with threaded three-fourths inch. If the machine will be connected to hot water, the faucet need to be installed on the hot water. Although experts highly recommend to connect the hot water, because its quality leaves much to be desired and the machine can be quickly fail. But only you can decide. Screw the hoses from the dishwasher to the taps. If you have connected additional appliances, which requires power from the mains water supply, install a swing or double tee and connect all necessary equipment.
To the Sewerage system can be connected via sliding double or a tee and a siphon with the drain and reversing valve. In this case, you need to focus on what is already installed or that still need to be connected.
Fasten the countertop. Install the facade with the mounting bolts. Depending on the model of the facade can be adjusted by using more or less tightening the fasteners.
The first launch of the machine should be without cookware on the short mode. Check all connections and if there is a leak, tighten everything.