You will need
  • - furniture panel.
  • - countertop;
  • roulette;
  • the corresponding fittings;
  • - screwdriver.
There are two types of dishwasher: installation in a finished kitchen or set-apart. Shed the facadeand is produced only in the first case, and any difficulties with it should arise, because all the world's leading manufacturers describe in detail this procedure in the enclosed instructions. For its implementation you need furniture panels, countertop, roulette, suitable fittings, screwdriver set.
So, first install a dishwasher machine 's prepared for her niche and with the help of special screws lock at a comfortable height for you. Keep in mind that complete with the fully integrated models of dishwashers are attached templates, with which furniture facades are attached to the door of the dishwasher.
Attach the fasteners into the grooves of her body. Then instead of "native" short screws from the inside of the door install prepared longer bolts with nuts that will be able to grab the furniture facade. There is very little to fasten the handle and other decorative elements (if any) on the door facade.
There is another method more simple, when, in order to lock the door facadeand before installing the bolts use double-sided tape. Experts also recommend to connect power supply use cable with a diameter of 1.5 mm and a grounded electrical outlet, is not less than 16 A.
For connection to the water supply it is recommended to use the tap with external thread 25. If you installed the dishwasher machine at some distance from the sink, you will have to lengthen water supply hose.