To break the energy connection of past and present events must methodically and in cold blood, not sparing himself and not letting his mind get away with anything. You must do the time-consuming and difficult work with your mind and emotions, to forget the past and begin to live anew with hope for a splendid future.
You should start with things that somehow remind you of the event of concern to your memory. All these things urgently need to remove from the field of view, to throw away or give away, but in any case not keep them at home.
If you want to break the energy relationship with some person who has caused you pain (cheating husband, betrayal of a friend), then try to remember those moments when this person treated you badly. Just remember how badly you felt, remember its shortcomings. Ask yourself the question, "Why did he do that?" and honestly try to answer it, not inventing excuses for the partner.
Think about what benefits you can derive from this situation. Treat the incident as a lesson of fate. Give yourself a promise that next time you will not tolerate such treatment from you, since now you already know how to do.
Don't be afraid to change your life, don't be afraid to live and enjoy. Don't waste your energy on negative events of the life. Point her in the direction of a happy future.
To break the energy link with the past it is difficult and in some cases requires help. Do not hesitate to contact friends who always will support you, or ask for help from a psychologist.