You need to understand who exactly from the environment is fueled by your energy. Very often the people you always thought best friends, good friends or sociable friends, can be energy vampires. You should pay special attention to the following alarming symptoms suddenly say suddenly appeared irritated and want to finish the communication with a person intuitively feel insecure during a conversation there is a feeling of psychological attack, start to feel feverish, sick and tired. If a friend constantly gets talk about how bad his life is, without doing nothing to rectify the situation – be on the lookout, it seems you have encountered an energy vampire.
If energy vampire is trying to lure in an unpleasant conversation, try to remain silent or even to smile. Stay away from the problems of the interlocutor, do not let him move on you all negative. All he needs is a reaction and feed off of this kind of people. Learn to ignore the feelings and own emotions that arise during communication. Look at the whole situation from the outside.
The vampire may choose another tactic is to annoy you. Try in this moment to think about something else, do not get angry, even if you are trying to hit home. After all the anger and deprives a person of life energy, allowing the vampire enough to be fed. Fatigue and irritation from contact with the energy vampire can be removed with the help of movies, favorite music, books, poems or aromatic oils. After contact with negative person take a contrast shower, drink a sweet hot tea. Take a walk in a Park or forest, trees are able to take away bad energy and recycle it into a positive.
Tear the relationship between the victim (a) and energy vampire. Place it visually under a transparent dome. For this you need to imagine the negative of a person under an inverted jar, which is unable to reach you. In General, the most effective protection against the energy vampire is the termination of any kind of communication with him.