In the Criminal code of the Russian Federation there is the 129th article on libel. There you can find the characteristic of defamation is dissemination of false information about a person that injures his honour and reputation. That is, if about you said some, though offensive, insulting and defamatory, but all the same truthful information, to bring your abuser to liability will be impossible.
To prove that you were slandered, you will need either a witness statement or a voice recording, if the slander has been spread by word of mouth or a certified printout of articles or media reports or the Internet, if slander were presented in writing or an image.
This evidence must be attached to statement of claim in court if the name of the offender you know, or to appeal to the police or prosecutors, if you don't know the name of the culprit.
Making a claim, be sure to include the name and address of the court to which it is directed, the full names, addresses and contact numbers of persons who will participate in (i.e., the Respondent and the Complainant). The price of the claim if it is subject to evaluation, the circumstances that underpin your statement, evidence that can confirm the validity of your claim, your requirements Respondent with reference to relevant laws (in this case, article 129 of the criminal code and article 21 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation), the list attached to the claim documents, other claims and petitions that you have, number and signature - all this should also be in the statement of claim.
Filling out the statement of claim, send copies of it to other persons participating in the proceedings, and pay the state fee.
Attach to the claim the receipt on duty payment, the documents confirming the fact of sending and obtaining copies of the statement of claim of other persons, documents or records to substantiate your claim.
The claim is best served in person, not email. In failing to do this, send the claim by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.