You will need
  • - A document confirming payment of state duty. This type of payment is mandatory for all calling to court.
  • - Evidence of the presence of derogatory information.
  • - Evidence of the fact that this information is truly defamatory.
  • - Evidence confirming the existence and nature of mental suffering.
Carefully consider whether suffered deliberate humiliation of honor and dignity. Such a formulation will be considered in court.
Collect significant evidence base. In this case, considered the testimony of witnesses, records of telephone conversations, printing web pages, letters, drawings. The decision of the court depends on the evidence.
Visit the notary. It is wise together with him to make the Protocol, it is impossible to provide in court. For example, the publication on the Internet.
Describe in the statement the situation and specify the person to whom the claim is presented about the insult. If the address is unknown, the police will help to find this man. Indicate why this situation hurts and denigrates the honor and dignity. Write what you expect from the court. This may be a refutation in print, or material compensation of moral damage.