You work with people and you need to convince them, for example, if you are a politician, a banker or a salesman. In this case, you must inspire the example of the great ancient Greek orator Demosthenes, who from birth was stutter and Burr, could not talk loud and connected, during a call, pulled shoulders, and waving her hands. To change your voice and diction, Demosthenes did special exercises. He learned to speak clearly by putting in the mouth a few small pebbles. He developed it, loudly reciting poetry, trying to drown the noise of wind and sea waves while walking along the shore. And it all happened!
Before following the example of Demosthenes, to start training, record yourself on a tape recorder. Just read any favorite poem or literary passage. To fill their mouth with rocks, of course, do not have speech therapists now offer to use a special plastic trays that fit over the top teeth from the inside and significantly hamper it. Your task is to learn to correctly pronounce the sounds using the mouth guard. If you get it, then after removing it, you will be able to show off the gorgeous diction.
Think one of the speakers or from artists that you know, expressive and pleasant voice, consider what those voices you are attracted to, why do you like them, how the voices of these people affect your opinion about them and about their character. Look at these people with the sound off and analyze how it changes your perception. Try to imitate these people in the manner of a conversation in speech.
In the morning, do some simple exercises in front of a mirror, exhale, and breathing, speak out loud the sound "rrrr". After words with this sound, try to make it expressive and emotional, with a rolling "R". Do this exercise only in the morning because it affects the nervous system stimulant and has an activating effect.
After three months of such exercises, compare the result with the same recording of your voice and speech and you will see that there have been significant changes for the better – in your voice appeared more charismatic notes, your speech was convincing, and her impact on others has become stronger.