If you feel when braking a slight runout - it just means that the service life of brake pads your vehicle came to an end. This happens because they are erased unevenly, and because of this there are various chips and cracks. Order wearusasa brake system starts making a noise and runout. Importantly, this process does not start, or may suffer brake discs. And then the repair will cost you a large amount. And spent on the repair time will increase significantly.
How to determine <strong>wear</strong> <b>pad</b>
If the braking system starts to behave inadequately, it is also a symptom of problems in the stocks. Their wear indicates such factors as too weak or, conversely, excessively hard braking. If the wheels lock too sharply, it signals the car owner about the fact that lining wearwere eaten at 100% and the metal rubs against metal.
How to determine <strong>wear</strong> <b>pad</b>
Another sign of the full wearand pads can serve as a brake dust mixed with metal shavings on the disks. When you look under the ROM, rate the appearance of what is there. For example, if the RAID on uniformly dark pads, so the pad still retained. If you see the metallic inclusions, it suggests that the pad is already scratch disk, and to change it it is necessary very urgently.
Strong whistling when braking or the sound of scratching, as if something caught in the wheel and scratching, should alert the motorist. The thing is that the brake pads have a special limiter, which as erasing brakes approaches the disk and begins to scrape on it. Hence, there is a characteristic sound. He says that it's time to change the pads, but the time you still have. And only in the case when the noise becomes continuous, you need to understand what to change pads quickly.
How to determine <strong>wear</strong> <b>pad</b>