The main symptoms of frigidity

Manifestations of this disease is multivariate. Even one woman they can change over time. Most often this manifests itself in unpleasant sensations that occur during intercourse. The woman just holds the man and refers to sex with him as a responsibility. Some women are experiencing certain pleasant feelings, but never reach orgasm. Individual representatives of the orgasm occurs, but only from erotic dreams or self-satisfaction.

Largely overcome female frigidity depends on the man, from his inherent tact, attention and patience. Partner in the first place, should not aspire to have fun and to deliver it to his partner. It needs to be fully open and responsive to the mood of the woman and her desires. This approach will help to cope with frigidity.

Sometimes the cause of such a state is a basic ignorance of the partners erogenous zones of his own body, improper environment, or poses that do not allow a woman to relax completely. When in the crib next to a crying child, and from the kitchen came the smell of burnt roast – the woman will have no manifestations of sensuality.

Frigidity diagnosis and treatment

Remember – the diagnosis of "frigidity" can only put professional: physician-sexologist. To determine the cause may require prior consultation with narrow specialists. For example, psychologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist.

To treat this disease medically, with the use of acupuncture, physiotherapy, or limited to a series of consultations with a doctor or psychologist.

If the illness is caused by physical causes, treatment is primarily aimed at their elimination. But when the frigidity is caused by psychological problems, it is impossible to do without the help of a good psychologist.

In addition, you can add in the diet of aphrodisiacs: seafood, pumpkin, mushroom, chocolate, raisins, cocoa, rhubarb, asparagus, spices, eggs, nuts, anise, coconut, onions, avocado, bananas, honey and other products.

An important role in the prevention of frigidity is playing environment, providing both partners with maximum opportunities for emancipation. Once and for all give up the thoughts that block sexual feelings: lack of time, haste, and fear of appearing cheeky, or funny, fear of pregnancy, etc.