In the calculation of hull insurance policy, consider the risks you want to insure. If is a partial insurance, for example damage to the vehicle, it will cost you less than a full range in case of theft or damage.
Also, the cost of policy KASKO is influenced by technical characteristics of the car: its make, model, year, engine size and horsepower. Than the car is newer and more powerful, the higher the price of insurance. Also equally important is the estimated sum insured, which is calculated from the average value. A reduction in this sum insured will bring you a discount on the policy.
The next step, which is taken into account when carrying out calculations is the age of the drivers who will operate the vehicle. As well as their driving experience. The lower the age, the more expensive the insurance. The same applies to the driving experience. With little experience the cost of insurance may increase by a few thousand.
The existence of franchise in insurance. If you choose this option then the policy cost will be less. Moreover, the smaller, the larger the amount of the franchise. Also on the cost of the policy is affected and your insurance history. If on your car you got into an accident, then you have a chance to reduce the cost of the policy up to 30 %.
Also taken into account and the place where you is usually car. If he is in the garage, the cost of insurance below. If on the street, add to the total cost a certain amount. Exactly all these parameters gets the final cost of the policy. If you want to calculate the cost accurately, call the insurance company and ask the expert amount.
To calculate the amount of insurance (advanced) you can read on the Internet on the website of any insurance company. For this you only need to choose the category of "comprehensive insurance" and enter in all the fields available to you. As a rule, it is basic: the brand and model of the car, year, engine size, number of horses, the region of registration of the contract, the experience and age of driver. After that, the system will calculate for you the approximate cost of your policy.
If you want to get information on several insurance companies turn to specialized departments of insurance. There you calculate the average cost of comprehensive insurance in several insurance companies and offer the most convenient option.