To create a site from scratch, i.e., using html, open a Notepad, it specify the parameters of your future resource. This way of writing implies the existence of some mandatory points. The code should consist of several unchangeable parts is "head", "body" and "end" of the program. It should look like this: < html> < head> < title>creating a website < /title> < /head> < body> Body site < /body> < /html> the TITLE tags should include the title of the web page that will be displayed at the top of the Internet browser. In the BODY tags insert the information itself, which you were planning to place on your website.
Accordingly, every part you need to record exactly the information that they need. It is impossible to write the name in a location other than the location of the setting head. In addition, everything you see in parentheses is the language tags. Remember, the tags are paired and unpaired. You need to properly group the paired tags. Example: < b> WEBSITE</b> . Then save the created page. To do this, in Notepad, tap on the "Save as" and select HTML in the tab data type. Then enter the name of the future page and specify its location on your hard drive. Open the page in browser and test it.
It is also recommended to find more detailed information about writing websites in code. To start learn such programming languages as HTML and PHP, view video tutorials on the subject, which thousands. Also, do not use only one code in the development of web resources. Programming align with the use of special engines for websites and blogs(Joomla, Wordpress, uCoz). Thanks to this combination you will achieve that your project will be individual and not like others.