Essay within the exam is a written statement in which the student reflects his point of view on a particular issue. Writing an essay is allocated 40 minutes, during which the student must read the assignment to plan the essay and present it on paper. The scope of the examination and limit the volume of the essay - it should not be less or more than 200-250 words. No matter how good your essay, if it is not up to the required standard of 200 words for it, you get 0 offensive points. If your essay exceeds 250 words, the appraiser will leave the last paragraph (paragraphs) of text without attention.
So for writing a good and logical essay you should first of all clearly understand the task. The job is usually a statement of one or two sentences, for example: "Many people think that we should explore space and visit other planets. However, some people say that space exploration is a waste of time and money." or "Some of my friends say there's nothing better than reading a good book while others would rather watch its film version". In most cases the job will include an element of "for" or "against."
The next stage is drawing up a plan. Think about what arguments can you give in favor of each point of view. Can depict these arguments in a diagram for clarity. Then start to write.
The first paragraph of your essay is the introduction. In the introduction you need to introduce the subject of the question, as well as identify both existing points of view. The introduction should not be too voluminous, three sentences is enough. The most important part of the essay in the exam in English is, of course, the main part. In it, you need in detail to familiarize the reader with both points of view and your arguments on them. Each point of view should be issued in a separate paragraph, for example, in the first paragraph you list the arguments "for" reading books, and the second - against. Will be sufficient to provide three arguments for each point.
Finally, the last section of the essay is conclusion. The conclusion is a small paragraph of three to four sentences. In conclusion, you already list the newly disclosed point of view as well as add my own opinion on the matter.