Test of the Unified State Exam in English consists of five parts:
1. Listening – checking understanding English speech by ear.
2. Reading check reading comprehension skills, meaning guesswork.
3. Vocabulary, and grammar.
4. Letter writing an essay on a given topic.
5. Test of speaking skills.
The English exam can pass do not all, for this you must have knowledge, which, according to the British level scale assessed as Intermediate. In addition the graduate must be fluent in English grammar: all times, passive voice, modal verbs, impersonal forms of the verb (participle and gerund), especially the use of articles, prepositions, sequence of tenses, indirect speech, degrees of comparison of adjectives. As well as the main cases of word formation.
To practice your skills in vocabulary and English grammar on training tests, which you can find a huge variety on the Internet.
To successfully pass the test for listening comprehension, listen as much as possible. Movies, songs, broadcasts on English language, but not just listen, and try to understand all that pronounced, with time you will gain sustainable skills and will be able to understand foreign speech without much effort.
For training of oral speech, find yourself a companion. This can be done in Skype. To avoid wasting precious time on the way to the tutor, find a teacher online and practice with them using the same Skype and a webcam. Sites offering lessons via Skype, it is easy to find on the Internet in addition you can work with the teacher – native English speaker, in the selection of teachers, please note that he spoke British English.
And finally, be sure that you will succeed, confidence will give you strength. Success!