So, perfumers secrete perfume, perfumed water, toilet water and Cologne. Spirits are the most resistant and most expensive of these tools, because they have a higher concentration of essential oils (from fifteen percent of the volume) and pure undiluted alcohol. Thanks to this combination of flavor is well disclosed and it seems the most deep it is by using spirits.
The composition of toilet water is less essential oils and more water (from the ten cent perfume and ninety percent alcohol), which makes them less resistant and cheaper. However, perfume is considered the best substitute for spirits, if you do not have the ability or desire to acquire them.
Next in durability is toilet water (from four to ten per cent essential oils, and eighty per cents one alcohol), and the least persistent is Cologne (three to five per cent of the extract and semidesyatiletiyu alcohol).
Examining the label on the perfume, smell their scent. It is not recommended to use the probes because they usually flavor more resistant than ordinary spirits. Manufacturers have resorted to this trick for advertising purposes. Do not hold the bottle with spirits too close to the nose and not to inhale the smell is too slow. It is sufficient to move the bottle at a distance of ten or fifteen inches from your face. In that case, if you feel unobtrusive, but noticeable fragrance, the perfume that you choose, is quite stable. If you don't smell or it's too sharp, it is better to abandon the purchase of such products.
Spirits have their own character, on the skin of different people they manifest themselves in different ways. Therefore, the last step in selecting the most resistant spirits, they will be a sample on your wrist. Apply a DAB of perfume on the back of the hand at the base of the thumb and wait for a while. Then, hover your hand near your face without holding it too close to the nose or delaying too long – few seconds will be enough. If you feel a pleasant smell, these perfumes are suitable for you. Their flavor will endure on your skin even after several hours after application.