All the people are afraid of something! It is a psychological fact. It is not necessary for this experience, it is absolutely normal situation. But this does not mean that we should sit and nothing to do. With the fears we have to fight, so they do not interfere to live.

Psychologists have identified some tips in dealing with fears:

1) to Understand the cause of fears. You need to remember or guess what appeared in my life or the fear. To recall the specific life situation, which is directly related fear or phobia. Perhaps the fear associated with it indirectly.

2) to return to the source of fear. Don't be afraid to look fear in the face, and in contact with it. For example, if a person is afraid of dogs, then you need every day to look at the dog, or if the boy is afraid to fight, then he should enroll in a section of martial arts. The result will not keep waiting, after a month people are no longer fearful.

3) to Deal with fear better together. It is desirable to connect the struggle with the fear of a relative or person you can trust. There is a possibility that a problem you can share with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Then the fear will subside and the person will be motivated to overcome it.

To deal with fear is acknowledging that it exists! Using the above tips, you can easily get rid of it. And no need to hurry with the result, if competently to do everything, then fear will disappear. Most importantly, do not be lazy and not to be ashamed of. There is nothing wrong with that person admits to himself that he has fear and he is afraid of something.