To in Opera, disable banner, open the installation program directory in Program Files, and then open the folder containing the plugins). Explore the plugins folder on the subject of strange and suspicious files. Delete all the files the end which includes the following: "lib.dll".
Once a suspicious plugins removed from the directory browser, navigate to the uninstall scripts. Run the browser in the main menu bar, select Preferences. In the preferences window select Tools to open the tools. Select the Advanced tab, and then highlight sections of Content and Javascript Options. A new window will open in which you must find the item " User Javascript files.
In the folder you found contains all the custom scripts that are used in your version of the Internet browser. In the opened window select the "Browse" button, and then right click on the partition User JS and click "Open". You will see a list of files among which you need to find files that end in the same way as the previous one you deleted – lib.dll. Delete the data files and then erase before browse button row with the address of the scripts folder.
If the addresses in the given string at all, you can still find the folder – for this in Program Files open the folder Mozilla, then open the Profile folder and find inside it a folder User JS. Delete the folder entirely, or sort the files inside it, removing all ending in lib.dll. After deleting the files, restart the computer and restart the browser – check did the banner.