Initially (in the first and second steps) will be described method of blocking ads on the fact, i.e. when you are already on any site where before my eyes flashed the annoying banner. Click the right mouse button on a free space on the page and in the menu that appears, select the third item from the bottom is "Block content". Page changes: all the items that you will not be able to block become inactive.
Click the mouse on the items that you want to block (after clicking on them shows "Locked"). To unlock, click again on the banner. When finished, click the "done" button, which is located at the top right. Or "Cancel" (located right beside it), if you change your mind. Page takes the same form, but without the blocked banners. And now whenever you visit the site, locked elements will be not visible.
Now the second method. It will require a little more effort, but they are in the future, as financiers say, will pay off. For it is not necessary to go to a specific site. Click the menu item "Tools > Advanced > Blocked content". If the main menu is hidden (and with it, there is no item "Tools"), open it by clicking on the button with the icon Opera in the upper left corner of the program, and in the appeared menu choose "Show menu bar". Or hit Ctrl+F12, then select the "Advanced" tab, section "Contents" and click the "Blocked content".
Make a list of "Blocked sites" the most common ' banners: http://* http://* http://* and so a more complete list can be found on the link which is at the end of this manual. When you are finished, click Close and then OK.