If you are not able to buy an extra battery, you can increase the battery capacity (this method is suitable only for older Nickel-metal hydride batteries). The battery capacity can increase 15-20%, if you several times will discharge the laptop (to turn it off) and then fully charge it. Performing this procedure at least once a month, you will not only increase the battery capacity, but also significantly prolong its service life.
The display is the main consumer of energy in the laptop. By reducing the brightness you can increase the time of work by 25-40% relative to maximum brightness. For example, watching a movie with minimal brightness, but with the lights on, will allow you to work with your notebook for one hour more.
To conserve the best instead of the conventional screen to set the display off during long periods without user activity at the computer. Full screen is disabled reduces energy costs by another 30%. On some notebook models you can set the screen off when you close the lid. This also will save battery power.
If you are going to watch a movie using a CD/DVD ROM, you should first download contents of the CD to the computer because the optical drive consumes a lot of energy. Reproduction usually takes place at high speed, so instead of a few hours of work CD/DVD drive, it will work only a few minutes. This will save 15% energy. After copying do not forget to remove the CD from the drive, otherwise the laptop will use it.
The use of Wi-Fi adapter reduces the time of work laptop for another 10-20%. So if you currently do not use the Internet, it is better to turn it off.
Other devices also use energy. Disabling unneeded printer, flash drive, web camera, mouse, I will add a few minutes of work laptop.
The amount of energy consumed by a processor depends on its load. Some programs load the CPU even when the background work laptop. For example, to display flash banners on websites will reduce CPU usage by 45%. To identify the program consuming most of your computer's resources, you can use "task Manager", which happens when you press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
The inclusion of standby mode completely disables all subsystems of the laptop. Included are only the RAM, processor in economy mode, the keyboard and touchpad. Therefore, when small interruptions it is best to use standby.
Hibernate is a full shutdown of the computer keeping all the data. Sleep mode is recommended when the breaks exceeding 20 minutes. Every time you reboot instead will use sleep mode, you save about 10 minutes of work laptop.