Every child's dream is associated with certain things, so it is important that adults understand that? must precede the falling asleep of their kid. For example, if the mother is breastfeeding the baby before going to sleep, he won't be able to sleep without this ritual. So do not give to children before bedtime food or drink. Also not cuddling the baby.
It is necessary to develop the baby has a habit of falling asleep at the same time. Set a specific hour when you will be put to sleep one year old child, and soon it will become for him a sign that it's time to bed.
Try to make the child fall asleep without your presence. Let beside him is a toy, blanket or pacifier. Suddenly waking up in the night, he will not look for you, and your favorite stuffed friend, and because he is always near, the baby will sleep easily.
Develop a ritual that the child should go to sleep, and never change it. Let the kid takes off his clothes, hangs it on the chair. Let him know you wished him a good night, be sure to leave the room. If someone from the family to put him to sleep, the ritual should remain the same. The regularity and repeatability of actions is very important. Sleep little one has always in his crib.
Active play is to move for the day, children have trouble falling asleep, if actively moving before going to bed. Peaceful atmosphere, fresh air (open Windows) contribute to a good sleep and sound sleep. NAPs may be accompanied by small noise and light, and at night the baby should sleep in total darkness and without noise.
Children are very sensitive, they know when parents are nervous. If the family something happens, the child does not have to notice. Try to keep yourself in hand in any situation, the health of your child, more precious than anything else.