In any educational process is important first of all the attitude of an adult. Convince yourself that you need to teach baby to fall asleep without rocking in his hands. You have to be absolutely sure. The correctness of your actions should recognize and Pets. In the first place as a compassionate grandparents who firmly believe that for the sake of convenience baby the parents have to sacrifice everything, including their own health.
Ask yourself the question, always if the baby falls asleep on the hands or are there some moments when he does otherwise. It is not excluded that the child can calmly sleep in the stroller on the street, even if you do not shake, and make parents nightly concerts at home. In the warm season you can try and night to put the baby in the open air. If he's still sleeping in the stroller, and move temporarily in the room where the balcony or loggia. Having done all evening procedure, put your baby in the stroller. It is not excluded that some time will have to wiggle. Cottage loggia successfully replace the porch. In this case, and you sleep better somewhere in the vicinity of the baby.
If the child both day and night sleeps exclusively on the hands, think it is time to change the mode. In any case, time to give up one NAP. A baby who NAPs twice, try not to stack it after lunch. Of course, this will require you some effort, the child will have to take, so he's not excited. Make the evening all the usual treatments. Tired children are not always able to wait for their completion, but because you want to see the child fell asleep. If the baby is sleeping during the day once, a day or two, put him to bed in the daytime at all. In this case, in the evening you need to perform all procedures a little earlier than usual.
Bedtime is always accompanied by a certain ritual. Even a very young child the important sequence of actions. Think maybe the time has come to replace the pain with something else? For example, singing a lullaby or a fairy tale. Even if the kid still not really understand what you're talking about the sound of your voice will affect him / her soothingly. Rocking for him meant not only a ritual bedtime, but and proximity to you. So some time you still have to sit with him until he falls asleep.
Can help soft toy, small pillow, or even just a piece of clean cloth. Baby if you change the mode, and with a toy he will not feel lonely in the crib. Don't be afraid that the baby will get used to sleep with a toy. This is nothing wrong, and Teddy bear is your reliable assistant.
Exactly who swayed the baby to sleep? If you happen to disappear from the house and other household members did not experience any problems with the laying of the baby, the time has come to do it again. Leave is not required. To enroll in courses, go to the movies or to a friend and return when the child is asleep. But this is an extreme and not very reliable method. It is not excluded that all will start over again as soon as you decide to stay home. Besides, this way it is possible to act only if you are absolutely sure of the support of the rest of the household.
You can simply try to allow the child to sleep as much as he can handle. In the end he will get tired and fall asleep. Besides that, you also don't have to sleep for quite a long time. Do not fret and do not scold the child. It is you taught him to fall asleep on his hands. If your husband early in the morning to get up and he would like to sleep, and move for a couple of nights with the child in the other room.